International Certification & Register



International Certification LSSCH of LSSIA implies compliance with the following requirements:

1. Receive training for 32 hours, divided into one week during two months and/or two modules of two days each during two months of training.

2. Take and pass technical examinations that include DMAIC cycle and project management.

3. Support LSSBB and/or LSSGB in order to complete through the correct use of Lean Six Sigma successful, eliminating barriers and suporting the implementation of an improvement project at the company headquarters training.

4. Colaborate into validation finacial and improvements results through submit letters of financial validations and the process owner to certify that the project really was applied in the area defined in your project sheet, likewise the financial area of ​​the organzación validate the tangible benefits and/or intangible project .

After completing these requirements, Accreditation, Certification and International Registration issued by the consulting company or the company that has validated its internal training program is issued.


International Certification issued by IECS Group