Ana Mirella Elizabeth Barriere Platero

17/05/2016 09:43

Hanes Brands Inc - El Salvador

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


My name is Mirella Barriere, I graduated from TEC de Monterrey, Mexico as Industrial and Systems Engineer on 2009; on the same year I came back to El Salvador and started working at HanesBrands in the Socks facility, developing myself in areas suchs as: Training programs for new hirings; Re-Certification for direct and indirect labor, programs which have been widely benchmarked across the region as BPs; Cost saving projects, Lean Tools & Continous Improvement, Quality at the source, and Statistic analysis to improve processes capabilities.   
On mid's 2015, I was transfered to the Regional Hub as Regional Quality Engineer, in which I have been learning from the differents divisions and Business Units, in this new role, I will be working directly with facilities in order to improve their Quality processes, communication along cut and sew plants, measurements, and any strategic project that allows us to improve our costs as corporation.

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