Francisco Antonio Cerda Luna

16/02/2015 07:59
WRSI de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.- México
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Webasto: Responsible to improve the KPIs for all Lines. Implement standard systems to have standarization and operating system and common processes    

GA Manufacturing Process Coordinator at GM Ramos Arizpe: responsible to implement PFMEAs and improve RPNs (Risk Priority Number) on GA area. Responsible to define and improve the process and machines throughput.                                          

GA Maintenance Coordinator: Responsable to keep the equipments running like Alignment, Roller test, Fluid fill, Brakes machines, multiple spindles, Electric tool, Cockpit & conveyor equipment - Machines running on propper shape and have good availability and low occurence failure to help meet the production number and good Quality %s.                                                       

GA New Projects (CME) Manufacturing Coordinator: Responsible for flawless new projects launch, assuring since equipment design and build a propper planning implementation timing execusion and probling solving before SOP- ramp up due date. Using 40DVP & Master dot tools.                                      

Manufacturing Planner and New studies Coordinator: Responsible to develop feaseability studies for new programs implementation since planning step. Assure all documentation are align and meet from all support areas before new product implementation on assembly lines. (PADs, SWS, Torque and equipment specifications, assure new Part numbers install properly.                                     

Education: MBA - Master Bussiness Administration - Degree, Industrial Mechanic Engineer - Degree.        



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