Francisco Antonio Mejia Castillo

02/04/2016 12:03

Hanes Brand Inc. Confecciones EL Pedregal - El Salvador

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
From February 2013 To March 2015 Hanesbrands Inc.El Salvador
Playing the role of Engineer of changes,performing the following functions:
Control of production processes, raw material consumption and resource optimization, productivity analysis, design lay out assembly of machinery for new styles of products, design of indicators for production processes, changes in planning new styles within the plant, estimated labor and machinery for assembly of new styles.   
From March 2015 to date Hanesbrands Inc.El Salvador
Playing the role of Plant Engineer, performing the following functions:
Develop and implement projects to increase productivity and cut production modules,analysis and validation GSD Rates for cutting and sewing,analysis of material consumption for cutting processes,assurance standard conditions for cutting processes apply Lean Six sigma for cost saving projects in plant and cut production.
From November 2010 to February 2013 Intradesa SA Playing the role of Process Engineer,performing the following functions:
Design, improvement and audit processes,Implementation of continuous improvement projects for ingineering,develop technical projects for process improvement and cost reduction,training staff in new procedures,Applications of Lean Manufacturing techniques,Smed and 8 step for process improvement,      
Identify critical problems affecting production, monitor indicators in the area of cutting production and packaging,implementation of energy saving projects in production plants.                                                                                                               
From march 2007 to october 2010 AEROMAN S.A Technician in aeronautics specializing in avionics systems, interpreting technical manuals for change of operational tests on components and landing gear, flight controls, APU, cabin and engines, as well as time and motion analysis in line inspeccion. 
Hanes Brands Inc. El Salvador
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


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