Jacqueline Isabel Rivas Fuenzalida

16/02/2015 08:00
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

My executive Summary : Business Administration, holding an MBA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with proven experience in management positions at multinational corporations. Technical and managerial strengths in both domestic and international environments.

Skilled to conform, motivate and lead team works, strengthen creativeness and develop open communications. Good handling of interpersonal relationships oriented to the fulfillment of objectives through execution.

Deep knowledge and experience in Finance, Administration, and Operations areas in all countries in Latin American. Since August, 2008, I am business controller for Latin America in Flint Group. The Project under my responsibility was to reduce the DSO (Days of Collections) in 10 days. We started with a ratio in 2007 of 113 days and we finished the project with a DSO of 103 days.

Today the DSO is 91 days and has been stable in the last 12 months. This project was an excellent example in how it is possible to achieve process improvement inside the organizations. We reduce the Account Receivables in USD 7M with an annual saving of 420k.  



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