Joaquin Antonio Henriquez Ardon

18/10/2016 14:42

BAYER - El Salvador ( Corporacion Bonima S.A. de C.V.)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt  - Producción



I am currently working to Bayer S.A. El Salvador, production supervisor with over 8 years experience in systems Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations under ISO 9001, management of continuous improvement projects.   • Regional winner  (CA y Caribe), LIFE Efficiency Values  Award  Bayer  2013    10° position on Excellence Operation Proyects  BAYER OE Awards 2013 Bayer Global.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Aquieves:                                                          

Educations:  Chemistry pharmaceutical Degree,  MBA.  finalized and MFA In process,   and Excel Advanced                                                                    

Others:  Confederacion Panamerica de Karate:   Madrid, 2015: Karate Trainer    Consultancies made: business diagnosis in local companies.   

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