Miguel Angel Carrillo Cepeda

28/11/2015 17:41
WRSI de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.- México
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Industrial Mechanical Engineer with 22 years of experience into the Automotive Industry. Experienced on Manufacturing Processes such: Stamping, Body Shop, Hemming, Metal Finish, Laser Welding and Assembly Process as Sunroof Assembly and Sunshade Rollo Assembly performing functions of Production, Genba Kanri, Continuous Improvement, Program Management and Coaching.
Experienced in Launching of New Programs and Brand New Plants  in Mexico and United States into the roles of Production, Manufacturing Continuous Improvement and Program Management.
Certified in:  
* Trainer on N-TWI System (Nissan Training Within Industry).
* Shingo Prize for the Excellence in Manufacturing  Framework.
* International Coach certified by International Coaching Community.
* Metal Training Practitioner.
* Transportation Design.


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