Nancy Tass Salinas

16/02/2015 07:18
Instituto Superior de los Rios - México
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Nancy Tass, Master in Business, on the Puebla University Institute, 2013; and Industrial Engineering Profession, by the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de los Ríos, 2007.

The Labour Objective identifying my career for the past 7 years, is "Implementing the necessary knowledge for the continuous improvement of an organization that produces goods and / or services; all this through innovation, technology and strategies required to optimize."

Currently Professor of Higher Technological Institute of the Rivers, at the Academy of Industrial Engineering, 4 years; where I have provided services for technology services and advice to organizations in the public and private sectors in the Region of Los Rios, obtaining memberships and accreditations that support the results obtained on the continuous improvement of organizations. Similarly, support my work experience with preventive maintenance and / or corrective to machinery and equipment, certifications troubleshooting innovation as such TRIZ educational tool and updates based on professional skills.

Based on continuous improvement, I like the fact constantly update me on topics of interest to provide knowledge, experience and skills in organizations for the sake of my town, state and country.



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