17/02/2015 18:28

Open the roof - let light and air in: As the world market leader, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of roof systems. Whether sunroofs, panorama, folding or solar roofs, our roof systems are guaranteed to provide both driving pleasure and enhanced comfort in your car. Moreover, our Multi Optional Roof concept enables automakers to optimize their products to meet the diverse regional requirements of their customers.

Leading Professionals on LATAM Operations

Jesús Virgilio Alemán Valerio - Plant Manager

Felipe Hernández - Quality Manager 

Francisco Antonio Cerda Luna - Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Carlos Alberto Torres Rodríguez - Customer Quality Coordinator

Oscar René Caballero Balderrama - Process Engineer

Héctor Hugo Nicasio Ramos - Process Engineer 

José Luis Pérez Ramirez - Manufacturing Engineer 

Marco Aurelio Martínez Ruíz - Manufacturing Engineer

Eduardo Moreda - Supplier Development Engineer 

Gabriela Leticia Arias Reyes - Logística 

Mirna Raquel Melendez Soberanis - Quality Engineer 

Alicia Briones Ocadiz - Supply Chain Manager 


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